Univesity Expectations – #3

Total Freedom.

Night-long parties,

Sleeping late,

Living alone and no parents.

Never missing school,

Endless days studying a favourite subject,

Plenty of time before the deadline.

Lacking fresh milk,

or fresh food completely.

A few arguments over dirty plates.

The Social outings,

More partying,

The best 4 years of my life?



Day 9:- Listen actually

Well, I always said I was more of a listener than a talker, and it was time to put this to the test. It’s very difficult when you especially try and concentrate on what every individual you encounter is saying…

I wish I’d gone to see the man they had last year who sat on a settee in the middle of a town with his ‘I will listen sign’. I remember watching the footage of people having a good old chat with this friendly fellow and wishing I could just tell him all my problems.

Listen man

It’s funny though, even though I know he’d listen, I’d still wanted him to be interested, or give me dive… you know, prove to me he actually had listened? If I’d actually seen him, would I not just have walked on by? I hope I’d have admired you deeply for trying.

I found the second part of the act even more difficult, not to be judgemental. It’s something we all do when listening to a story, we take to facts and we store them and from them we form an opinion on a topic.

So unfortunately I-will-listen-sofa-man, my statement this year was alas, not quite as bold as yours, but after listening all day I was genuinely shocked by what some people have to say! So much for thinking I was already a good listener.

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Day: -5

An attitude of gratitude, something I always try to have. I love it when people say thank you when you hold a door open for them, and even feel a little cheated when someone ignores such an act.

I still need to write my thank you note, but I think this weekend I’m going to write a little note to all my teachers, because my head of sixth form said so many people had been touched by other people’s notes. I might even leave one for the postman if I have time! I’m just hoping I can get away with saying:

‘It’s for lent… but I still mean it…?’

Or I’m in for a few embarrassing conversations.

I’ll photograph them and post them when they’re complete!

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Day 4- : Connect

I try and do this more often anyway; and considering I’m pretty shy I don’t think I’m doing too badly!

The lady who serves me at my local Co-op has a female west highland that she bought last year. I’m sure she told me her name, and I’m almost certain my mum knows it!

The man in the library has a niece who went to Cambridge to do medicine and he loved the halls where he was once invited for dinner. But I have no idea what his name is.

My next door neighbours have a son and a daughter, she’s from the Philippines and he grew up around here. I know their names.

My other neighbours have a cat called ‘Harriet’…

I know everyone in my street bar the couple on the end who still smile when they see me.

The cleaner at my school had a lovely holiday and wishes that all mirrors were circular so she didn’t have to wipe down them after she’d scrubbed them in her usual circular motion.

My school bus driver is called Adam!

Plan of action: Today when I go out I’m going to continue to smile at people in the street and maybe talk to a few passers-by who look more friendly than average.