University Life

Why the University of Nottingham was #MeantToBe

From the moment I started Sixth Form College, I knew I wanted to do a degree in law. I was, however, torn between perusing a legal degree career or instead dedicating myself to a degree in Spanish and then doing a conversion course.

I want to say that on discovering that the University of Nottingham had a renowned Law with Spanish and Spanish Law BA degree that I knew then that it was meant to be, but that wouldn’t be true. I spent a long time chasing dreams of attending Oxford. It was only after I received a rejection from Oxford, after having an interview, that I really began to focus on other universities.

I had applied to Nottingham on a whim; the University came up as offering a Law and Spanish degree when I did a frantic, last-minute Google search to find other, ‘top for law,’ Russel Group Universities that offered such a course. When Nottingham was displayed at the top of the list, I added it as my final university on my UCAS form and then submitted the form immediately afterwards. I hadn’t even looked at the course content or the University’s campus!

The University of Nottingham was the last university to offer me a place. Before making my final decision, about which University I would like to attend, I booked a place on a UoN open day in May 2014.

Upon arriving at the University of Nottingham I was astounded by the vibrancy of the green campus, a haven surrounded by a busy city, and I immediately felt that this was the university for me. I’d already visited the other Universities that I had listed on my UCAS form, prior to submitting my application, and not a single campus could compete with Nottingham’s. The students, staff, everyone on campus had been so friendly.

As soon as I got home from that open day, I confirmed the University of Nottingham as my first choice. As the offer’s entry requirements were lower than the offers I had received from every other, (another amazing aspect of my application!) I had to decline all my other offers. So I guess that was when the University of Nottingham was officially meant to be.

I’m a little embarrassed to say that a Google search changed my life. But I do know that if that search had displayed any other top search result I would never have found the University of Nottingham, the university that was meant for me.



Univesity Expectations – #3

Total Freedom.

Night-long parties,

Sleeping late,

Living alone and no parents.

Never missing school,

Endless days studying a favourite subject,

Plenty of time before the deadline.

Lacking fresh milk,

or fresh food completely.

A few arguments over dirty plates.

The Social outings,

More partying,

The best 4 years of my life?


50-Word Stories

The Harbour – #2


He said he loved the harbour;

That the gathering of boats

Stretching infinitely out of sight,

Like hundreds of soldiers before battle,

Brought order to his chaos-stricken life.

The harmony of sea and sky formed


Along with the reflection in the water,

Where he could see our hands intertwined.

Zero to Hero

Today’s assignment: consider what you want to accomplish with your blog.

I blog because I find it hard to express myself to people in person. It’s definitely been a very handy tool for me when trying to arrange and process my own thought pattern. In all honesty I normally start with a phrase and then bulk up the post around that idea until hey, I’ve got enough material down that someone else might actually enjoy reading it, or trying to relate to how I feel. I like blogging because people don’t judge me. I feel I can talk about whatever I want to and no one is going to embarrass me by trying to discuss my rant of the month. Nobody can ‘dislike’ my posts and everyone here has always seemed very positive with their feedback. If my blog was  going to exceed my widest of dreams I’d post every day. I always feel better when I hit


It’s like I’ve grabbed a giant iron from the shelf and smoothed out the current problem that’s been eating away at me. I’d love to have followers, but I’d really just like people to like what I’m writing about. Or, if they don’t like it, I’d like them to tell me what I could change. So here are my three concrete goals that I want to achieve. 1. Post often. I always said I was going to try and make it at the very least I weekly thing! I want to be comfortable in the topics I  write about and then actually get round to writing about them. 2. Comment more. I always say I wish more people would comment of what I write, but then I think I’ve only ever posted a handful of comments on other peoples blogs. I’d like to comment more so people are encouraged to continue pleasing me with their blog posts. 3. Gain some followers. Because I’ve always been so hopeless at this on every other social networking site. I mean how do people actually become Facebook famous? It’s beside me. I’d like to gain more followers so I actually feel like people are pleased to read my blog posts. I already feel better for blogging, but I’d quite like people to say they’re backing me on this blogging journey, that they too are in it for the long run. So,

Let the challenge begin!