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Day: 3- Tool up

So each of us has a unique composite of skills and talents and without wanting to sound like I’m boasting, I swear this act was about making a list of what you think you’re good at:

Listening skills- not as in those you’re always reminded about up until year 9 when you’re ignoring the teacher! But more, that I’m a listener rather than a talker. I really enjoy listening to what other people have to say on things, and helping them out when I can.

Computer Skills- I’m a touch typer, like most people my age, but my mum still uses the old two finger method.

My Determination- If I can’t do something then I never like to admit defeat and always give it the absolute best effort that I have within me.

Perfectionism- So if we the sleepless nights because I couldn’t do question 5 on last week’s maths homework, sometimes it’s a good thing. I never like to half do a job and I always like to do it to the best of my ability.

My intelligence- I’m clever, so I’m told, and I like to help people out when there struggling with something that I could make so much easier.

Smile- I like to think I smile more than the average person and that it brightens a few people’s days.

Plan of action: I think I’m going to leave a note on each of my teacher’s desks telling them what I love about the way they teach. I’ll keep you updated!

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Day: 2 – Generosity Jar

Still a little behind…

Create a generosity jar (where you put a small amount of money every day):

I have to say although I understand why this would appealing to some of the older people taking part, for me this seems really hard!

I’m 17, and in full time education and currently don’t have a job. The only money I’d commit to said jar would be that of my parents, which would completely defeat the objective.

The idea of placing ‘generosity cards’ and inviting guest to take them is all well and good, until you do it for friend number one and then realise nobody is ever going to come round to you house ever again! If somebody asked me to pick a generosity card I’d probably never go back, and warn everyone else that such a person was completely nuts.

So I’ll put a bit of a spin on this act…
Every time I’m going to spend money on chocolate, or sweets I’ll set this money aside for my generosity jar.

So instead of lollies this jar shall now be my jar of generosity! (I also think that when I see money on streets I should save it for this cause)

And let the kid who called me stingy, when I picked up 2p in college for my jar, know that it will all go to charity!


Day: 1 – Start a journal

Now, I know what you’re going to think…
Lent started on Wednesday right? Well the first four days have completely flown by for me, and I haven’t even attempted trying to complete the first acts out of the forty. I’m sure God wouldn’t mind me starting a  little late. So here I am trying to keep up with my faith.

My Gratitude list (what I’m thankful for today):

My parents– for everything they do for me, have done and no doubt will do, because recently I’ve realised that keeping me must cost an absolute fortune. Not only this but they constantly have to pick me up from places and take me places and they don’t moan! They also constantly love me and support me; regardless of what I do, or think or say. Maybe such tolerance comes with age? But believe you me I am nowhere near to accepting such a responsibility in my life.
Two miracle workers that I am blessed to have in my life.

My grandparents– for always being there for me and helping me with challenges in my life. I want to write ‘thank you for your continued support’ and although it’s very cliché that’s what I really love them for. There’s nothing that’s too ever been too much to ask for. I’m also glad you’re always proud of me and so engaged in everything I do. The specifics of it all would be completely endless.
Three loving people that I am truly grateful for.

My little sister– because you’ve always been so much more mature than me! I still hate sharing my things and you continue to let me borrow, have and use up yours. Whether it’s borrowing an outfit, to using some sort of make-up product, or placing said outfit in my own wardrobe after it’s been used, thank you for everything.
We may not always get along, but I know you’ll always be there for me.

My friends

My wish list (people I want to bless this lent):
I’m not going to write how or why (for those I haven’t explained in the gratitude list) but rather, at the end of lent write what I actually did and why I did it for that person.

  • Mum
  • Dad
  • Grandma
  • Granddad
  • Margaret
  • Sister
  • Friends
  • Teachers
  • Neighbours
  • Strangers

Hope you all started lent better than I did!