University Life

Why the University of Nottingham was #MeantToBe

From the moment I started Sixth Form College, I knew I wanted to do a degree in law. I was, however, torn between perusing a legal degree career or instead dedicating myself to a degree in Spanish and then doing a conversion course.

I want to say that on discovering that the University of Nottingham had a renowned Law with Spanish and Spanish Law BA degree that I knew then that it was meant to be, but that wouldn’t be true. I spent a long time chasing dreams of attending Oxford. It was only after I received a rejection from Oxford, after having an interview, that I really began to focus on other universities.

I had applied to Nottingham on a whim; the University came up as offering a Law and Spanish degree when I did a frantic, last-minute Google search to find other, ‘top for law,’ Russel Group Universities that offered such a course. When Nottingham was displayed at the top of the list, I added it as my final university on my UCAS form and then submitted the form immediately afterwards. I hadn’t even looked at the course content or the University’s campus!

The University of Nottingham was the last university to offer me a place. Before making my final decision, about which University I would like to attend, I booked a place on a UoN open day in May 2014.

Upon arriving at the University of Nottingham I was astounded by the vibrancy of the green campus, a haven surrounded by a busy city, and I immediately felt that this was the university for me. I’d already visited the other Universities that I had listed on my UCAS form, prior to submitting my application, and not a single campus could compete with Nottingham’s. The students, staff, everyone on campus had been so friendly.

As soon as I got home from that open day, I confirmed the University of Nottingham as my first choice. As the offer’s entry requirements were lower than the offers I had received from every other, (another amazing aspect of my application!) I had to decline all my other offers. So I guess that was when the University of Nottingham was officially meant to be.

I’m a little embarrassed to say that a Google search changed my life. But I do know that if that search had displayed any other top search result I would never have found the University of Nottingham, the university that was meant for me.



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