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Day: 3- Tool up

So each of us has a unique composite of skills and talents and without wanting to sound like I’m boasting, I swear this act was about making a list of what you think you’re good at:

Listening skills- not as in those you’re always reminded about up until year 9 when you’re ignoring the teacher! But more, that I’m a listener rather than a talker. I really enjoy listening to what other people have to say on things, and helping them out when I can.

Computer Skills- I’m a touch typer, like most people my age, but my mum still uses the old two finger method.

My Determination- If I can’t do something then I never like to admit defeat and always give it the absolute best effort that I have within me.

Perfectionism- So if we the sleepless nights because I couldn’t do question 5 on last week’s maths homework, sometimes it’s a good thing. I never like to half do a job and I always like to do it to the best of my ability.

My intelligence- I’m clever, so I’m told, and I like to help people out when there struggling with something that I could make so much easier.

Smile- I like to think I smile more than the average person and that it brightens a few people’s days.

Plan of action: I think I’m going to leave a note on each of my teacher’s desks telling them what I love about the way they teach. I’ll keep you updated!

But what about your reader, are you awesome? click me to find out


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