Day: 2 – Generosity Jar

Still a little behind…

Create a generosity jar (where you put a small amount of money every day):

I have to say although I understand why this would appealing to some of the older people taking part, for me this seems really hard!

I’m 17, and in full time education and currently don’t have a job. The only money I’d commit to said jar would be that of my parents, which would completely defeat the objective.

The idea of placing ‘generosity cards’ and inviting guest to take them is all well and good, until you do it for friend number one and then realise nobody is ever going to come round to you house ever again! If somebody asked me to pick a generosity card I’d probably never go back, and warn everyone else that such a person was completely nuts.

So I’ll put a bit of a spin on this act…
Every time I’m going to spend money on chocolate, or sweets I’ll set this money aside for my generosity jar.

So instead of lollies this jar shall now be my jar of generosity! (I also think that when I see money on streets I should save it for this cause)

And let the kid who called me stingy, when I picked up 2p in college for my jar, know that it will all go to charity!


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