My Reputation

My own personal reputation is practically none existent. I used to have the vain hope that most people in my college know who I am, but just this half term it was robbed of me when the boy sat at the computer I had logged on remarked:

‘Katie Hall… Who’s that?’

Okay so I am quiet and shy, but also ginger, and was stood right behind him mumbling something about it being the computer I was using. I used to think because my hair was so bright everyone would have noticed me some time during college, maybe they know the name and not the face?

I also have a reputation of being the ‘A* girl’, as one boy kindly put it. I have pointed out several times that obtaining 4As at AS level does not by any stretch of the imagination grant me a single A*. In fact, although I was predicted 3A* on my UCAS form, my Maths teacher point blankly refused to predict me one and I decided to change it. She pretty much told me she didn’t believe I could get one, but would gladly be proved wrong on results day.

I thought at first she’d want me to ask about anything I didn’t understand so I could put it right, logical, right? Nope, she says because I ask for help with the harder, more challenging questions so in the future I can tackle them, I can’t fully understand the work. She’s a clever teacher though, so maybe she knew this would just make me strive to prove her wrong. Currently I’m pushing the boat out with my maths work, but I’ll never be amaaaaaazing. I have too many friends who clearly exceed all my mathematical capabilities.

With regards to Spanish they’ve only ever had one boy ever get an A* in Spanish… and he went to Oxford… to do law. Not that I’m bitter or anything, but I want the A* in Spanish, if I had to pick anything, just because learning Spanish completely rewrote my life plan, so if I could pick a subject to have one in, I find Spanish would be the most appropriate.

Physics is my most unpredictable exam. Sometimes I really think I understand something in the subject and I’ve completely missed the point and ending up listing the DO NOT ALLOW section of a mark scheme. In all honesty it will depend what happens on the day, but I’m going to revision like a boss to give me the best possible chance of getting that.

Therefore I am not an A* girl. Until recently I didn’t think I’d be able to get into university because I’d not get at least one A* at A-level. I know he meant well and he is lovely but I just didn’t have the heart to explain all this to him if he ever reads this he’s been a great friend and I was only avoiding him because I couldn’t bear to explain all this to him.


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